Parquet flooring has been in vogue since the time of the French kings, who enjoyed the best luxuries that their times could afford. In the field of Antique parquet flooring, the most recognized name is Parquet de Versailles, a pattern utilizing rectangular geometric designs, with blocks placed together making an angle. The skill of making parquet flooring has passed down from generations to generation, as with our French craftsmen who are masters in this art.

Along with Parquet de Versailles, there are many other reclaimed parquet flooring designs that have been used in English flooring since the last two centuries. Herringbone pattern utilizes rectangular blocks, having specific ratios of 3:1 or 2:1 between the sides. Each and every block is arranged in a manner that they have different colors that coagulate together to form a uniform pattern on the floor. A perfect reminder of the old English Manors.

We have a good collection of reclaimed floorings for herringbone pattern. We have reclaimed Pitch pine floorings, from old churches in England and Europe, with an inspection revealing tight grain patterns, typical of solid, hard wood, of exquisite quality. The reclaimed wood has nicely emerged knots, checks and shakes. We also use English Prime wood for herringbone patterns, which is sourced from old buildings and from the market itself. While there is an abundance of English prime oak reclaimed floor in the market, most of it is covered with grime and the surface bruised with glue. We are vigorous in our selection of good quality English Prime Oak parquets, where we choose good quality parquet blocks that can be fitted together easily.

Chevron design is another one of our specialties, in our repertoire of parquet flooring. Also known in renaissance period as Point de Hongrie, it is unclear as to why this was named. The geometric pattern is such that rectangular blocks are cut to paste the together, forming parallel patterns that run along the floor in zig-zag fashion. Our collection includes chevron blocks sourced from France, and worked upon by our expert French craftsmen. The blocks are polished, machined and worked upon with hands. And we claim and request our visitors to see the work with their own eyes. There are very few who can match our craftsmen’s expertise in this work. In tune with today’s modern abstract arts, we have painted chevron floorings that are a marriage between old Classical design and Modern Color designs.

Come, visit our store in London, and experience craftsmanship, as you see our craftsmen add finishing touches to objects of beauty.